Identifying areas of opportunity in an era of tremendous change in the real estate business was Menard Doswell's goal when he left Rouse & Associates (now Liberty Property Trust) to form Menard Doswell & Co. in 1988 before the real estate down-turn of the following years. Menard Doswell & Co. was formed as a full service real estate firm focusing on the development, management and leasing of properties in the Washington, D.C. area. In 1992, Doswell extended the focus of the company to include the development of properties in the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe, especially Poland, to capitalize on further change in the industry. To this day, Menard Doswell & Co. strives to provide efficient, flexible and productive facilities for firms operating in the new markets of Europe.


Menard Doswell & Co.'s first project in Central Europe was the 40,000 square meter Warsaw Industrial Center (WIC), the first warehousing project built to international standards in the region. Located one kilometer from Warsaw's international airport, WIC housed the corporate offices and distribution centers of some of the world's leading companies including Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Bayer, Philip Morris, and Whirlpool.

The design and construction provided a high ratio of truck doors to storage area, high bay stacking, counter-clockwise truck circulation, and high energy efficiency. Also adding to Warsaw Industrial Center's appeal was its state-of-the-art sprinkler and fire suppression system, sophisticated cutting edge telecommunications system, and twenty-four hour security. Since then, Menard Doswell & Co. has developed 155,000 square meters of industrial space at Alliance Logistics Center, Blonie (now Europolis Park Blonie) and 87,105 square meters of industrial in Alliance Silesia Logistics Center in Czeladz, with over 96,000 square meters of industrial space being developed in Parzniew.

In addition to Central Europe, Menard Doswell & Co. has over 97,000 square feet of commercial property in the United States, with 200,000 square feet of industrial space being developed in Gaithersburg, Maryland.